Dubai Tantra Massage

Dubai Tantra massage is an art that has been practiced for thousands of years. It is a full body sensual massage that encourages the mind to disengage and the body to relax and open to positive, healthful sexual energy.

Tantra therapists follow a vocation, a calling to act as teachers and guides to help their partners respect and honor their whole bodies as founts of pleasure. When the partners learn to love and accept themselves, they are more readily able to cherish their loved ones, improve their mental health, and respect their marriages. The therapists are trained in all styles of massage and therapeutic techniques. They have the skills, intuition and desire to seek the best for their partners.

Dubai Tantra massage is a very slow and languorous style of massage. The strokes are long and slow. They allow the body to relax and focus on all the feelings being experienced. The massage therapist creates an atmosphere dedicated to abundant sensuality. Colors in the massage area are made rich and muted with candles and soft fabrics. Massage oil is infused with fragrant scents which perfume the air. Soft music is played that relaxes and pleasures the participants.

Massage is one of the oldest forms of therapy. Tantra massage creates positive health benefits. It helps the body to heal itself. Blood pressure is reduced, circulation is enhanced with an increased detoxifying movement of the lymph fluid, endorphins are released and stress chemicals are reduced. The massage enlivens and refreshes the mind and body.

Both men and women can enjoy and benefit from this type of massage. Tantra helps people view and experience their own sexuality in new and respectful ways. They learn to respect their own needs and pleasures and, thereby, respect other’s needs more deeply.

Dubai Tantra massage is pleasure without goals or performance requirements. Men and women often approach sexuality as a competition or race to won. Tantra focuses on feeling, relaxation and pleasure. Erection, ejaculation and orgasm may occur or may not. Those results are not the purpose of Tantra massage. Instead, enhanced awareness of pleasure is the sole purpose of the massage. The focus on the validity of pleasuring the self can bring up then diffuse past experiences of abuse, insecurity, or feelings of inadequacy. The loving energy of the therapist, the feeling of respect for oneself and the emphasis on pleasure heals the wounds of the past.

Touch massage is a vital part of human interaction. The touch of the therapist’s hands and body energize and engage the participant’s body and soul. Every part of the body is touched, is pleasured, is stimulated. No part is forbidden or ignored. The genitals are honored as the seat of creative spiritual energy. They are stroked, massaged, and touched with loving attention. Sexual tension is transformed into waves of sexual feeling. Orgasm is delayed until the entire body is engaged, aware, and transformed.

Dubai Tantra massage is a passport to a dimension where the body is engulfed by and part of a total bliss of safety, relaxation and pleasure.